Friday, June 26, 2009

Ready At Last!

At long last I'm ready to SHIP my most recent project:
Behind The Seams: The Shaeffer Collection Volume One: CHANEL

This is a CD-based album exploring Claire Shaeffer's wonderful collection of Chanel garments, inside and out. I doubt there's ever been such an extensive collection of full-garment and close-up, full-color photos—over 600 images—detailing the work and influence of a single designer, so readily available; all thanks to the wonders of the pdf format. It's been quite a mammoth task, shooting, editing pix and commentary, designing, building, proofing, testing… But it's finally done! So, herewith some screen shots and some links, including this one that will download a 12MB PDF preview, based on an early version, with working navigation, and some example slide collections.

If you've ever wondered what all the fuss was about regarding couture garment-making, prepare to be amazed at the astonishing skills and efforts that emerged from the Chanel workrooms. Each pdf page is 11x17 inches at 100%, so the slides can be zoomed in on for great detail. The couture blouses are particularly spectacular!


Both the Preview and the Final Version REQUIRE the use of Adobe Reader 9 or later, to see the photos, so be sure you've got this version installed before you open the preview. Click above to get it…

The CD is available now for $40, plus $5 First Class shipping, anywhere in the world


Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Here will live all the info about Claire Shaeffer's CD, Behind the Seams®: The Shaeffer Collection Volume One: Chanel, including detailed contents previews and descriptions, purchasing info, comments, questions, and anything else that might prove helpful to interested readers. The CD will be available very soon, probably this week… Stay tuned!